Walk in stability test chamber

June 16 , 2023

Companies buy walk in stability chamber for different reasons. The most obvious need is size. Large or odd-shaped products are not necessarily suitable for the scope of the floor model test chamber, especially when you consider the airflow ratio (the volume of the product and the volume of the work space are one to three).


Other companies choose walk-in test chambers to accommodate a large number of products (thousands of mobile phones, for example), or to allow engineers to observe products up close during testing. The former case can improve the test efficiency, the latter case is only possible in a huge internal working space.


The walk-in chamber can be customized according to the volume and shape, performance, air quality (if people stay in the chamber), etc. You can even add an anteroom to separate the test chamber space from the laboratory.


So, although you can find similar performance in floor-standing models (or desktops for that matter), you can only achieve this level of customization through a Environmental Chambers.



The size is almost unlimited, so a lot of shelf space/samples can be accommodated

A qualification covers a lot of shelf space

Due to the larger size, the conditions of walk-in test chamber tend to be more stable



A defective chamber can cause problems with a large number of samples

Installation usually requires construction, electronics and refrigeration skills

The compressor will increase the floor space or the distance, so it will increase the cost

Identification requires additional probes

Spare parts may be unique to the special construction

They usually require three-phase power and additional water supply

For safety reasons, the time the operator spends indoors may be limited

Island space is necessary footprint waste


There are many factors to consider when researching a Medical Stability Test Chamber Supplier. With such a large capital purchase, you cannot ignore any details. Consult your entire team. Work hard to understand your testing requirements. Most importantly, contact an experienced test chamber manufacturer who can build a customized solution within your budget.


Learn more about our custom walk-in test room series.


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