Why choose xchthtech Drug Stability Test Chamber?

February 23 , 2022
The R&D team brought by experts and Ph.D. thermal engineering is definitely serious and demanding. The organization has its own standard production line buildings, standard testing laboratories and page metallic digesting devices, and contains subsidiaries in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, as well as office buildings in Asia. Other provinces. Inside the daily life and health company, we can easily only work tirelessly, and we can't slacken our endeavours!

Drug stability test chamber is xchthtech best-marketing product. Many clients change their orders placed to us. How come they choose Xchthtech Medical Stability Test Chamber? XCH-CGS drug stability test chamber is created with shipped in technologies, shipped in substantial-high quality components, S foundation, and dependable efficiency. Relevant to GMP accredited users.

The humidity and temperature stability chambers huge benefits are the following:

The newly developed air passage system makes the temp and humidity of various parts of the room even using polyurethane foaming technologies, they have very good heating preservation and moisturizing qualities.

The very first shipped in VAISALA humidity sensing unit has substantial accuracy and reliability, modest drift, long life and routine maintenance-totally free.

The very first shipped in fully encased commercial compressor has substantial performance and lower noises, making certain long term constant operations from the devices.

Unique shipped in programmable shade touch screen controller, sensitive, modest system error, multiple-portion program environment and multiple-point precise calibration operate, 3-degree private data.

There is a 25mm diameter analyze golf hole about the remaining aspect from the box. The interior toughened window entrance and exterior entrance are specially designed for observing trial samples, and can not cause variations in temp and humidity within the box in a short time. Door hair and movable casters might be secured.

The interior container is made from match stainless 304, no toxins source, simple to clean.

GMP high quality confidence dual information investment system: standard needle inkjet printer can printing the unit version and serial variety to meet the requirements of web data integrity and persistence. SD card safe-keeping, can retailer electronic digital written text information in excess of five-years totally free software program, can transfer SD card information in to the computer system.

Security device: C compressor device heating up and overpressure and excess defense, normal water scarcity defense, dry eliminating defense system, unbiased heating up defense alert system

Alarm system: sound and light-weight alert for temp and humidity deviation, distant temp and humidity deviation and simple concept alert for potential failing.

Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50HZ Ambient temp: +5 ~35℃

Temperature fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃, temp deviation: ≤±1.0℃ humidity deviation: ≤±3%RH
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