Why you need a medical grade refrigerator

March 24 , 2022
Medical-grade refrigerators, often referred to as "lab" or "pharmacy" freezers, are significantly more expensive than regular household freezers.

From the blog, we'll take a look at this in more detail and explain why a household refrigerator is generally not suitable for storing samples or drugs in your lab.

What temperature do you want to reach?

A basic but important question: what exactly is the minimum temperature you need? It depends on the retailer you have in the lab freezer. Temperature changes are important because prices vary widely depending on how much you need to reduce. For example, a typical -20°C refrigerator is much less expensive than a -86°C ultra-low temperature refrigerator. It is not uncommon to see a huge difference of 2°C to 4°C between the front shelf of a domestic freezer and the bottom of the compartment inside the freezer. Obviously, this is perfect for serving food or snacks. Still, it's not appropriate when holding free samples of the drug or those affected.

Safety Features of Medical Freezers

You might even consider getting a refrigerator with built-in high-low security alarms in case the consumer just leaves the entrance open or the product experiences a temperature glitch. Some designs also alert you to electrical failures, which can be helpful when the refrigerator's electrical potential may be unstable.

Also, you probably don't need these signals. Especially when you choose a different temporary tracking program. There are many different kinds of temperature tracking methods around. The Thchamber Health-Related Freezer Protection Plan offers multiple protections: compressor heating, overpressure, excess safety, and supporter heating safety. Several Security Alarms: The best sound and light security alarm program, items are safer.

Stronger refrigerator door design

Health-related freezer doors may open and close many times a day. That's why door closures and hinges are stronger because they're designed for heavy use.

Optional add-on for laboratory freezers

There are many optional accessories for your laboratory freezer. You have to decide what you really need and what you don't have.

For example, do you have to relocate your refrigerator regularly? Then you have to build the device with casters. Will you retail unstable materials? Purchase a non-sparking lab freezer. Is there a pre-existing remote-controlled temperature tracking program that needs to be used with the refrigerator? It's best to buy a unit with a built-in inlet insert so any probe can be molded inside.

Before buying, keep in mind that Medical Refrigerator Manufacturer confirm the features that end consumers really want.
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