xchthtech has been committed to the research and development, product production and technical services of temperature and humidity technology for many years.

Today, we will standardize the production of temperature and humidity equipment such as drug stability test chambers, photostability test chambers, walk-in drug stability test chambers, constant temperature and humidity test chambers, drying ovens, incubators, low temperature refrigerators, medical refrigerators, etc. Wait. It is affiliated to Jiangsu xch Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on temperature and humidity technology products and services in the field of biomedicine.

xchthtech brand test chambers meet the temperature, humidity and vacuum test requirements of the biomedical field. Using advanced technology and excellent accessories, our products have been widely recognized by customers for their stable and qualified performance.

R&D technical team

The company is backed by scientific research institutes, gives full play to its own talent advantages, and continuously applies the latest achievements to products. The R&D team, led by researchers and thermal engineers, is always conscientious; we understand that you are under pressure to bring new products to market quickly. Products must be tested under various conditions to ensure their quality and reliability.

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