• Temperature Test Chamber
    Alternating High and Low Temperature Test Chamber
    XCH JSB Alternating High and Low Temperature Test Chamber is with wide range of temperature controls, mainly used to test performances of materials after in high temperature, low temperature, constant temperature or temperature alternating. It is one of the essential test equipments for medical aerospace, automotive, home appliances, scientific research department. Model: 100JSB-1000JSB TEMP Range: -40-150℃ Installed Power: AC220V±10% 50HZ Environment temperature: +5~35℃
  • Low Temperature Test Chamber, high temperature chamber, temperature chambers
    High and Low Temperature Test Climatic Chamber
    The High and Low Temperature Test Climatic Chamber used for adaptability test of electrical and electronic products, components and materials in storage, transportation and use under high temperature and low temperature environment. Model: 100GDB-1000GDB TEMP Range: -40~150℃ Temperature Fluctuation < ±0.5℃ Temperature Deviation < ±2.0℃ Heating Rising Rate: 1 ~ 3℃ /Min Cooling Fall Rate: 0.7 ~1℃ /Min Environment temperature: +5 ~ 35℃ Power: AC220V±10% 50HZ
  • Constant Temperature Test Chamber, high temperature chamber
    Constant High Temperature Test Chamber
    The Constant High Temperature Test Chamber are used for material performance testing in different environments, such as heat, cold, humidity, heat and humidity. Designed to provide precise and diverse environments for IEC60068- compliant testing, production testing, and laboratory testing. Model: 100GW-1000GW/GWH TEMP Range: 10~200℃ Fluctuation: <±0.5℃ Deviation:<±2.0℃(<200℃) Deviation:<±3.0℃(200℃~300℃)
  • constant temperature test chamber, high and low temperature test chamber
    Constant Tmperature Test Chamber
    Constant temperature test chamber, Cutting-edge equipment for a variety of testing applications, including those related to analytical testing, pharmaceutical testing, thermal characterization, food storage testing, and more. Model: 150CT-500CT Temp.Range: 10℃~100℃ Temperature Fluctuation: <±0.5℃ Temperature deviation:<±1.0℃ Humidity deviation:<±3%RH(control humidity>75%RH), <±5%RH(control humidity≤75%RH) Power: AC 220V±10% 50HZ
  • constant temperature and humidity test chamber, temperature and humidity controlled chambers
    Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber
    Constant temperature and humidity test chamber(also called climatic test chambers or humidity and temperature controlled test chamber) simulate and provide different natural environments like high temperature, low temperature, moisture, cold, hot for steady-state stability testing, basic temperature cycling and accelerated Model: 150CH~500CH Temp.Range: 10℃~60℃ Humi.Range: 50~90%RH Environment temperature: +5 ~ 35℃ Temperature Fluctuation: <±0.5℃ Temperature deviation: <±2.0℃ Humidity deviation: < ±5%RH Power: AC 220V±10% 50HZ

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